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Robert Sheffield DDS Reviews

Welcome to Sheffield Orthodontics!

Sheffield Orthodontics is a leading orthodontic practice proudly serving the residents of Antioch and Brentwood, California and the surrounding communities. Dr. Sheffield and his team focus on orthodontic care in the form of braces or Invisalign for children, adolescents and adults.

Comprehensive Patient Care

We believe that orthodontic problems involve more than just teeth, so we look at the entire facial structure when treating our patients. Tooth and jaw problems can be corrected, and everyone should have the opportunity to be proud of their smile. Dr. Sheffield can help you achieve a beautiful, confident Sheffield Smile! 925-757-9100

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"We always have a great experience when we come in! The receptionists are always welcoming with great smiles! We are called back with minimal waiting! The hygienists are always friendly and attentive to Bailey! And of course the big guy is also very personable and informative! Overall, the experiences have always been fantastic! A big thanks to the Sheffield team!"

Review Verified on 9/23/2016
"Everybody in the office is so kind and I enjoy my appointments. Every dentist/nurse that I've had has always been so nice and they do a wonderful job. I also like all of the holiday decoration in the office. It is always so positive and energetic too. Thank you so much!"

Review Verified on 9/20/2016
"My family appreciated the patience and care we found at Sheffield Orthodontics. The team they have take the time to explain the process and gave Kaitlyn the space she needed to ask questions and take a breath. I can't tell you how much that meant to her."

Review Verified on 9/20/2016
"Never disappoints! Dr. Sheffield always does an amazing job and make my smile look amazing. Very happy he is my orthodontist!"

Review Verified on 9/19/2016
"Awesome orthodontist and his team would recommend"

Review Verified on 9/10/2016
"Dr. Sheffield and his staff are amazing. They are always very positive and upbeat, they make my daughter feel very comfortable. I always feel well informed about the plan of treatment and how things are progressing."

Review Verified on 9/7/2016
"Always nice to work with a great team over there"

Review Verified on 9/7/2016
"I love working here! I love all of our patients and look forward to everyday! I hope if anyone is looking for orthodontic treatment they will give us a try! I promise it will be worth it!! ;-)"

Review Verified on 9/7/2016
"Great service, flexible scheduling, cheery staff and Dr. Sheffield is always around!"

Review Verified on 9/6/2016
"Always a pleasure when we come to our appointments."

Review Verified on 9/2/2016
"The Staff at Sheffield Orthodontics are always so friendly. I feel so welcomed each time I arrive for my appointments. I am being treated with invisalines and the results are amazing! I am so happy the way my teeth look and the way my bite feels. Thank you so much Dr. Sheffield and Staff for taking such good care of me! Your deserve 10 stars!"

Review Verified on 9/1/2016
"From day one, Dr. Sheffield and his staff have been polite and caring to my daughter's needs and oral care. Today she has completed her phase 1 of having braces and she looks amazing! Although she's excited to have her braces removed, she's mentioned that she'll miss them! That's how Dr. Sheffield and his staff make you look and feel! You will enjoy every step of the way! Awesome work guys, we can't wait for phase 2! Thank you."

Review Verified on 8/31/2016
"We love Dr. sheffields office! Always greeted with a smile at the front desk. The assistants are all wonderful!! Dr. Sheffield does amazing work!"

Review Verified on 8/27/2016

Review Verified on 8/24/2016
"I could not be anymore pleased with my family's results. I recently had to have braces, once again, as an adult. As difficult as that was, it was totally worth it! I was putting together some older family photo albums and was reminded again of how 'bad' my smile had become, to where I no longer enjoyed seeing photos of myself. Dr. Sheffield has changed all that for me! I have three children, two of whom Dr. Sheffield has treated and have recently had their braces removed. Their smiles are beautiful! My third child commented on how much better their teeth look than his after his orthodontic treatment, and I couldn't help but secretly agree! Dr. Sheffield has totally earned his marvelous reputation, and I only wish he could have treated all three of my children, instead of just the two. Thank you, Dr. Sheffield! I'm forever grateful!"

Review Verified on 8/22/2016
"Thanks for the quick and painless appointment!"

Review Verified on 8/18/2016
"I recently got my braces off and I love the job they did on my teeth. They look fabulous!"

Review Verified on 8/17/2016
"Dr. Sheffield and his team did awesome. They were patient and very quick with me. Everyone was very kind and I saw immediate results with my teeth. Now I have a better smile thanks to Dr. Sheffield and his team!"

Review Verified on 8/15/2016
"They always do great with their patients."

Review Verified on 8/10/2016
"Thank you for the quick respond to my issues and for taking care of me with a smile on your faces everytime!"

Review Verified on 8/4/2016
"Great staff that made my shy son comfortable."

Review Verified on 8/1/2016
"Great service, they took the time to explain everything"

Review Verified on 7/31/2016
"My daughter and myself thought all staff were very friendly and welcoming."

Review Verified on 7/27/2016
"Great overall first experience, from the staff to the DDS interaction to the detail of the problem and solution that brought us there."

Review Verified on 7/27/2016
"This office, staff and Doctor have superb quality patient care! They explained everything thoroughly and patiently. They are honest, caring and the most generous and joyous staff I have ever seen!"

Review Verified on 7/27/2016
"Braces were great! Dana was my favorite and was awesome!"

Review Verified on 7/26/2016
"I had had an amazing experience and all the staff was so nice!"

Review Verified on 7/25/2016
"Thank you very much!"

Review Verified on 7/22/2016
"Only took a year and a half, and I got to keep my gap"

Review Verified on 7/19/2016
"Exceptional customer service! Front staff always greets you with a smile and first name basis! The whole staff are amazing! Dr. Rob is the best!"

Review Verified on 7/18/2016
"Thanks to Dr. Sheffields and his amazing staff my teeth are straight and perfect. I had wonderful service."

Review Verified on 7/18/2016
"I have been with Sheffield for almost 10 years and I have seen them grow into a brilliant practice. Everything that went wrong with my teeth, they were quick to put my best interests first and help me with what I needed. And it's not just like you're going to an Ortho appointment. Everyone knows who you are and they all make you feel right at home. I have been very satisfied and I would recommend this practice to anyone who needs their teeth fixed up right."

Review Verified on 7/14/2016
"My daughter has had her braces on for 19 months. Dr. Sheffields staff has been wonderful! Each of the steps Helen needed to take worked out as Dr Sheffield said and within the time frame given. They never recommended an approach or treatment that was unnecessary. I appreciated how well they communicated with me about her appointment reminders and her progress at each appointment. Helen is obviously excited to have her braces off today and her teeth look great."

Review Verified on 7/12/2016
"My teeth look great! Everything was very convenient and appointments were set based off of my schedule. Staff was great and the atmosphere was great everytime I was in there. Highly recommend this great place!"

Review Verified on 7/12/2016
"I just got my braces off and everyone did such a great job in helping me along the way. Thank you Dana for helping me with the final checkup as well as Dr. Sheffield and everyone else."

Review Verified on 7/12/2016
"The first time I had braces was in third grade so I don't remember the process. This time around I'm 13 and having only my middle sister to tell how painful braces would be really made me nervous. I will say having all the saliva during the process is pretty gross but all in all having the actual braces put on was pain free. I really liked that I had a real cool lady doing my braces and she actually told my mom I had been doing a good job brushing. That was a plus since my parents think I never do. So far it's been a week and it's been okay. I have to eat slower than usual. But I will do a better job than my sister and wear my bands. I'm excited to have a great smile with straight teeth. My oldest sister has nice straight teeth thanks to Dr Sheffield so I know I'm in good hands."

Review Verified on 7/11/2016
"My teeth look great!"

Review Verified on 7/11/2016
"Everyone is very nice!"

Review Verified on 7/8/2016
"Yea! I'm getting my braces off soon! Thanks for s great 2 years!"

Review Verified on 7/7/2016
"We love Dr. Sheffield's team! Our daughter, Caitlin is the third child to get braces here. The staff is amazing and their smiles are worth it."

Review Verified on 7/7/2016
"Super friendly workers, amazing work."

Review Verified on 6/28/2016
"Emma enjoyed her visit. Everything was explained to her and she understands the process."

Review Verified on 6/24/2016
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